About Ariyawen

Ariyawen is a combination of the Buddhist term Ariya, meaning noble or ideal, and the Welsh word Awen, which means breeze or inspiration. Ariyawen symbolizes the fresh flow of the divine in our world today. We embrace ways to invite the holy into our lives.

About Cherie Renae Atiyeh, MFA, Obl.OSBbluefaie

Cherie is a fine-art photographer and a writer. She is a Spiritual Guide and a Benedictine Oblate.

She’s been interested in Spirit (God/Brahman/Universe) for as long as she can remember. Her journey took a more contemplative turn when she began having glimmers (thoughts and images of a spiritual nature) after the death of her late husband, Lee, who took his life in October, 2002.


Her growing understanding of the connectedness of all life led her to Celtic spirituality. Personally, she follows the path of our brother, Christ, though she believes Spirit infuses and inflows all spiritual traditions. She believes in the goodness of all creation. She believes creation is both spirit and matter, and all is gift. She believes Creation isn’t divided into Christian or Muslim, Hindu or Pagan, animal or vegetable, stone or star: it is our fallible human vision that perceives a difference. Truly, we are all one.

Cherie’s affirmations: (feel free to make them your own!)

1. I live transparently and authentically in abiding love and joy.
2. I embrace unfolding truth, affirming thoughts and constructive action.
3. I reject outmoded beliefs, negative notions and destructive impulses.
4. I let my voice be heard, and I share my path with others.

Books and Art – Cherie’s books and art are available here.

Cherie Renae Studios books. art. inspiration. Cherie is an award-winning photographer. Enjoy her art here.

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