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Celtic Prayer Beads

Prayer beads unite body, mind and spirit. Used by most major religions, they allow the seeker to both focus and relax, which is key to meditation. They’re also known as Rosaries or Prayer Ropes, and different religions use varying groupings and numbers of beads.

The prayer beads I use have 33 beads: four large beads divide twenty-eight smaller beads into four sets of seven (for the lunar month) with an extra bead and an icon at the end.

I follow a Celtic mystical path, which combines pagan and Christian mythology and imagery. Here is an example of a Celtic meditation I adapted for my own use:

  1. Touch the icon and make the sign of the cross or other appropriate gesture or prayer.
  2. Touch the next (extra) bead and say a personal creed (click here for mine) a litany or prayer.
  3. On each large dividing bead, say: Be the heart of God dwelling within me, be the foot of the Christ dancing before me, be the showers of the Spirit pouring upon me richly and abundantly.
  4. On each of seven small beads, say:
    • With love and open arms,
    • I embrace the Mother who made me,
    • I embrace the Brother who saved me,
    • I embrace the Spirit who guides me.
    • All praise be to the One on High,
    • I bow before the Sacred Three,
    • The Ever One, the Trinity.

Repeat this around the rope. Finally, touch the extra bead and recite the Lord’s Prayer (click here for my version) or another litany or prayer. End by touching the icon while making the sign of the cross or other appropriate gesture or prayer.

Would you like custom prayer beads? Kirt White is an expert in stones and crystals, and he will be pleased to consult with you and create prayer beads that resonate. Email us at:

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