The Journey Begins

I found this in my journal, dated October 7, 2004:

I am moving into a new home today. I meditate, sinking into my pool of Spirit. The image of the new house is before me.

“Why are you here?” asks the Eternal.

“To write,” I reply.

“Then do it,” she says.

“Why are you here?” asks the Eternal again.

“To be in peace,” I reply.

“Then be in peace,” she responds.

“Why are you here?” she asks a final time.

“To live,” I reply.

“Then LIVE.” states the Eternal.

I ask, “I have received many visions. Moving into this home means that some of them can never occur. Which are the true visions, and how do I tell the difference?”

“There is not a single path, there are many possible paths, depending upon your choices,” responds the Eternal. “They are all true, because they are all paths that I can use to work incredible good. Many paths depend not just upon your choices, but upon the choices of others, some whom you know and some whom you do not. There is no need to point a finger at yourself or at others. There is no need to place blame if the path changes. It will all be good. It’s OK to let the wheel turn.”

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