Heart Swap

In meditation, God appears before me. She starts reaching inside of me. “You don’t need this anymore,” She says, pulling from the region of my lower right back, which always aches. I was once told by a psychic that this is where I store the hurts of others.

She continues to pull & fuss & rearrange me from the inside, and finally She pulls my heart out and looks at it. It is broken, hard & calcified. It’s a very ugly dead thing in Her hand.

“Do you really think you need this?” She asks me. I agree that it doesn’t look very functional.

“Great!” She says, tucking it inside her robes. “I’ll just keep it.” Then She reaches into Her own chest and brings forth a little blob of red, pulsing matter.

“Here,” She says. “I’ll trade you. Take a piece of my heart, instead.”

She places it inside of me. I’m disappointed. “I don’t feel any different.”

“Oh, you will,” She reponds. “Just give it a little time.”

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