How Do You Measure Light?

What do you have for me, my dear crazy Divine? You are crazy by any human measure, crazy judged by what you have us do, crazy beyond measure. Sane beyond measure. Beyond measure, truly.

How do you measure light? How do you measure the darkness? How do you measure when both burst in far beyond human capacity to experience, yet register deeply on the human soul? What am I to do with the darkness, lord of the Holy? What am I to do with the light?

You push me – I think you push too far. Do you delight in exploding this fragile earthen jar again & again?

I see your face ever before me. Playful yet intense, & always asking “Can you stay with me now?” Your dark eyes are filled with love & concern & support…and desire. Patient desire, but desire all the same. You want me. You want my heart, my soul, my mind, my all.

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