Things You Need to Know

1. The religious paths are true. Whether they are ‘real’ was never the point. Choose one.

2. You have to know what you’re looking for. Spirituality takes training.

3. Matter matters. Spirit suffuses every space between the electrons. You cannot separate matter from Spirit. It is all sacred.

4. Spirit is not some ephemeral, intellectual abstract. It is tangible, it is palpable, it is both real and true.

5. The point of religion is to make us better able to see Spirit, to be Spirit. It is deep love, deep passion, deep thought. To be alive, to connect with Spirit – which is every bit of matter, living or quiescent – this is ‘esse’, the essential.

6. Religious belief & practice open us to Spirit. We hear about ‘spirituality’ vs. ‘religion’, but religion is just our spirituality developed & put into practice. Without it, spiritual progress doesn’t happen, & it remains in the realm of fantasy. Just like great dreams of earthly accomplishment – without a concrete plan, action & follow-through, they remain castles in the air.

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