Precious and Few

So, we’re moving. FINALLY!!!!! But the new apartment is tiny. Most of our (my) stuff has to go. I’m having to make difficult choices. Beloved childhood toys are being placed in the estate sale pile. Artwork. Glassware. Things of beauty, things with memories….things that weigh me down and keep me in stasis. It’s good to let go. But it’s difficult.

How little can we keep and live an abundant life? I’m surprised as we pack to see how little is really necessary to feel rich. My indulgences: my piano, my books, some beautiful art. Our kitchen equipment, though we even pared that a bit. Our new abode will be a tailor-made nest, filled with items that delight and help. Everything else, though beautiful, can go. It’s enough to know they exist in the world.

I’ve said it over and over – we don’t own our possessions, they own us, so we should make them precious and few. By what do we wish to be owned?

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