Staring Down Darkness

bridge imageI’m still grinning. I can’t believe we’re really here – we made it back to Portland! It’s been almost two months since we moved. I love La Nostra Piccola Grotta – our little cave – an above-ground basement apartment. My window overlooks a lovely pond, and a creek runs right behind it. It’s so idyllic. A bridge forms the eastern boundary of the property, and it’s fairly busy during the day, so the sounds of the city are close at hand. We’re less than ten minutes from the heart of Portland. I LOVE the buildings, the people, the bustle. So happy!

It’s not been without struggle, these past two months. Darkness comes upon me occasionally, even here. But I have more…I don’t know…objectivity, maybe? I can see the chasms from which the tenebrous tentacles emerge, and I have the courage to shine light into those black pits and say, “No! You aren’t a part of me. You are other. Go away.” Darkness is tenacious, of course. But I now recognize the slimy feelers when they tickle my soul. Their grip is weaker. It’s easier to slap them away. I know that eventually, they will depart for good. And that’s an encouraging thought.

It goes back to what I said in May. True courage means choosing a different path – leaving job, home and security – when the current path is damaging to body and soul. It means trusting the Divine. It means trusting ourselves. The results can leave us grinning. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Staring Down Darkness”

  1. Above-ground basement apartment? How does that work? Regardless, glad to hear about the healing. I’ll look forward to seeing you there one of these days…

  2. Very well put! It’s hard for me not to feel alone in the world when doing battle with darkness. Granted, my darkness is my own, but there is a sense of comfort to know that everyone has their own darkness that they are battling as well. Thank you for sharing.

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