Warm Ember of Peace

At 3 am on an early Sunday morn, one of our members made a forum comment that was so beautiful, I had to share.  Background: about a month ago, I posted an article about peace. You can read it here: Peace in Motion. We’ve been discussing it ever since. Here are Ryan’s thoughts:

Peace is that intake of breath before the sun breaks the horizon; it is the sigh as it melts below the waves. Peace is the fall of snow on an empty field; it is the patter of rain on the forest canopy. Peace is the slow buzz of bees on a warm sunny day and the silence of a starry night.

Peace is not easy to define or to find when you first look for it, but once you find it she will come when you ask. Once we find it, truly find it that first time, it lies forevermore inside of us waiting to be called forth. Like the ember banked in the hearth waiting to be brought forth into a warming fire when needed, so is peace when we carry it in our hearts.

We have a poet in our midst! Thank you, Ryan. Awen.

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