Focus! 2015

focus 2015

Like everyone, I want to lead a meaningful life. But how do I carve out meaning when I’m always so BUSY? A few years ago, I realized I needed to focus on a few important things. The MOST important things. But what were they? I mean, I have a lot of interests.

So I created a Focus list. All I do is read the list every day. It amazes me how much reading the list, just reading it, has changed my life. I highly recommend it to everyone. To create your own Focus list, click here: FOCUS

Usually, I do this the first week of January. But the new year didn’t wait for the calendar this season. It’s bursting forth now, as we approach Yule. With December death (my mother) and birth (a new great-niece), the cycle of life is shouting NOW! Thanks to the Focus list, I’ve learned to listen.

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