Time to FOCUS

2016 Focus List web

Annually I create a FOCUS list – a short statement of the things most important to me for the upcoming year. It reminds me where to spend my time and energy. It helps me to say NO when the urgent (but not necessarily important) starts flaming and shouting in front of me.

This year, I’m a little early with the list. That’s OK. This isn’t a solar thing, it’s a heart/soul thing. I know when it’s time to refocus.

I make it my computer background so that I see it every day. That’s all I do, really – I just read it daily. Over the next months, I’ve found that my life naturally unfolds along the paths of my focus. It feels like magic. Maybe it is.

If you’d like to create your own FOCUS list, here are the instructions: FOCUS. I’d love to hear how the list works for you.

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