Arrow of the Divine

goddess with arrow

This morning during altar time, I pulled an oracle card. It read:

“In the same way that if we were moving house, we would need to sort through our possessions and sometimes it’s an opportunity to let go of that which we do not wish to take with us into our new life, as we prepare to move into a higher level of consciousness, there are old habits, stuck emotions and stagnant energy that do not belong in our new life cycle.

“The path of purification and initiation by celestial fire is preparation for spiritual enlightenment, greater happiness, wellbeing, prosperity, success, spiritual responsibility and leadership. It can be a challenging time as that which would stand in the way of a new level of spiritual potency must be eliminated…we cannot let go if we don’t even realise what we are holding onto within us.

“This initiation will help you release any old baggage or pain that will not resonate with the higher levels of light you are preparing to live. It can feel challenging, but know that NOTHING IS WRONG. There is actually something quite right behind these experiences. “To pass this initiation, we must be prepared to surrender that which needs to be burned away. It is safe to let the heavenly fire have its way. Soon the celestial fire will have done its work and you will arise like a glorious phoenix, ready for a new life.”

And then I entered into meditation, and this is the vision I had:

A pillar of fire, arising from my head, fueled from deep within by the burning & purging of all that does not serve me. A Presence steps from the pillar, dressed in beautiful orange-pink robes that are flame.

“Do not worry. Do not fear the flames. I am guiding them. They will burn only the chaff.” Then she held out her hand. “Come!” she commanded. And I lept, eager & delighted, into her hands.

“See how beautiful and perfect you are? Perfect for the purpose for which you were created?”

And I saw myself, an arrow. My head was sharp, beautifully carved of diamond that reflected sparkling light all around. “Your mind is sharp & swift, able to cut through all obstacles, able to find the target toward which I loose you.”

“Your shaft,” and I shivered with pleasure & joy as she lovingly caressed me, “your shaft is smooth & polished to great depth. It has been burnished by the fire. See how strong? See how flexible?”

“And your feathers will hold you true. See how beautiful I made them? I didn’t have to, but it delighted me to make you beautiful. Now I will nock you to my bow and release you. Fly true, beautiful arrow.”

(I was, of course, crying by now.)

“Don’t worry about harming others as you fly, because I hold your course. Worry neither left nor right. Fly for the joy of flying, and for the joy of the purpose for which I send you.”

I understood that the disquiet I’ve been feeling is the burning of attachments that do not serve me, of expectations that do not serve the Divine, of attitudes that would prevent the arrow – me – from flying true. What is left is eagerness, joy & a sense that I am ready. I am perfectly designed for my divine purpose. I am who I am.

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