The Sentinel

dark-heavensA client commissioned me to create two joyful pieces of angel art, and I did. They fit her personality – light, bright, open. She was delighted. (Which, of course, delights me.)

Yesterday, on the eve of the new year, the second piece whispered to me. “I need to be darker, stronger – a talisman to guard the way for the year to come.”

So I followed where she led and, sure enough, a sentinel appeared, full of power – standing between light and dark.

The Sentinel

Hear the cosmos
swirl and sigh:
comfort! caution!
conflict! cheer!
Breathe deep
take courage
stand firm
I am
within you
around you
armor of joy
be heartened
look skyward
eyes filled with hope
the brightest star of all.

She will be my reminder – I have a sentinel, I AM a sentinel, for the months and years to come.

If she speaks to you, as well, she is available on watercolor paper. Here’s where to find her: The Sentinel

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