Habakkuk’s Encouragement


As part of my Lenten walk, I’m reading Biblical verse and then writing poetry as a meditative response. Today, my reading took me to Habakkuk, Chapter 2. I was stunned: it seemed as though Habakkuk was looking through the lens of time to America today. Here’s an excerpt:

Some people’s desires are truly audacious; they don’t do the right thing, unlike the righteous person, who lives honestly…but the arrogant man doesn’t rest, he opens his mouth like the grave; like death, he’s never satisfied.

He gathers everything to himself, nations and people. But people tell mocking poems and tales about him, saying “Doom to the one who multiplies what doesn’t belong to him.”

They will rise up to bite him. Those who frighten him will awaken and he will become plunder for them because of all the human bloodshed and violence done to the country, to the cities, and to the inhabitants.

Doom to the one making evil gain for his own house, for putting himself above the people.

I couldn’t help but make certain connections, though I will leave it to each reader to experience their own quickening of Spirit. You’ll probably get a hint of how it spoke to me in my responsive poem (and the photo I chose):

Habakkuk’s Encouragement

Speak out, tell it like it is,

Write it in large letters,
Don’t be bullied
Into silence.

Rise up!
Call out the arrogant men,
Who reap riches
Upon the sorrow of others.

Doom to them and their evil gain,
Their lifeless, cold idols
Will not save them
From you, the awakened.

— Cherie Renae, 2/24/18

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