How Quickly Passes Our Moment

streetYesterday, as I was driving home, I came over a rise and there were the Cascades in all their sunset glory. Around me, multi-color leaves were sparkling in the amber light, and I said to myself, “What is more important than appreciating this?”

The thought hit me hard. Seriously, what in my life is more important than experiencing  the breathtaking beauty that surrounds me?  I thought of my Mom and Dad, young people back in the 1960’s with their lives ahead of them, vibrant and strong and full of dreams. How quickly their moment passed.

How quickly passes my moment, too. Mike, a childhood playmate, is gone, dead of cancer this year. My cousin Gordy, as well. They were my contemporaries, and their time is over.

But here I am, given the gift of this day, this moment. I’m here. I’m still here. I have the sunset to watch, the trees to admire.

I am blessed.

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