Inscribed Into Time

All life is sacred. Whether a person lives for 100 minutes or 100 years, Spirit shines through with love, wisdom and story. We offer two ways to help individuals and families compile those stories.

Inscribed into Time

When Cherie’s father was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, the family gathered and coaxed her Dad into recounting his life. They heard stories of his childhood, youth and military service. They saw her Mom through his eyes, beginning with his first glimpse of her in a yellow dress on a summer day, and they watched the love story unfold. They sat in tears as a young soldier wept for his fallen comrades, though the war was fifty years past. They listened to his successes and failures, his regrets and joys. They heard many stories for the first time, and saw the sweep of his life complete. It was a gift to them, and a gift to her Dad, who knew that he mattered and would be remembered.

Each person has a unique spirit that deserves to be commemorated, with stories and wisdom that families want to remember and share through generations.

Cherie offers a service through her studio, Inscribed into Time. She sits with an individual, coaxing out their life story, writing it down. She gathers snapshots and photographs provided by the individual and/or the family. She creates a current heirloom portrait. Then she returns to her studio, scans the snapshots (returning the originals unharmed) and creates a beautiful book of image and word: the story of a person’s life.

For more information, email Cherie Renae Studios at:

Speaker for the Dead

In Orson Scott Card’s award-winning novel, Ender’s Game, he creates a convention called Speaker for the Dead. The Speaker is a eulogist who, after researching a person’s life, speaks for the deceased, giving their life history and lessons learned as though the person him/herself was speaking. Both talents and flaws are unfolded, so that the people listening understand the person’s whole life. There is no condemnation or judgment, but a loving and truthful accounting.

We love this concept. It is the final act of transparency, and Cherie is pleased to offer this service to any who ask.

Upon request, she will spend time with an individual or a family, listen, research, and create an honest and loving telling of a person’s life.

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