Love splashing around
staining all it touches with
the beating heart of God.


“If you were called to create a creed, what would it say?” asked priest Shelly Fayette to the gathered group. “Here. Take paper and pencil, take five minutes, and write.”

Since I’d already done this exercise (see it listed here: Prayer) I chose a creative, rather than a dogmatic, route and created ┬áthe haiku above. (There is an extra syllable. Oops.)

What would YOUR creed say?

A Disturbance in the Force

taylor 10The past month has been wonderful. My youngest son’s wedding brought visits from my oldest son, my daughter’s family, and many others. Because we live so far apart, it’s rare for us to gather, and what joy when we do!

However, the disturbance in my typical schedule has caused sleep difficulties. I also find myself maintaining a more intense baseline emotional state. For example, I find myself weeping more easily, both in joy and in frustration. I feel a little off-kilter, even in the happiest moments. And then I feel like a failure, spiritually speaking, because if I’m truly traveling the path of the ephemeral, I should be able to maintain a physical, emotional and spiritual balance at all times, right?

The truth is, it’s very difficult to maintain an mystic focus while immersed in the mundane. Surely that’s why many who dedicate their lives to spiritual pursuits live in seclusion or in religious communities. If nuns, monks, desert Mothers and Fathers require a life apart from the mainstream, I think I shouldn’t beat myself up too badly when I fail to maintain a perpetually centered perspective in the midst of the maelstrom of the dailies.

Having said that, I think I can do better. You see, I have a tendency to abandon grounding physical, emotional and spiritual practices when life gets busy. I forget to take exercise, altar, and down times. That’s the exact opposite of what I should do!

So, lesson learned. Sleep. Pray. Exercise. Meditate. Be. No matter how joyful the occasion. No matter how busy the day. Spirit will thank me, I will thank me, and the people around me will thank me. Awen.