Go Far, Go Together

photo by Stéphane Chartier
photo by Stéphane Chartier

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”– African proverb

Have you ever had an epiphany? I’ve found it’s usually something quite simple that *suddenly* (cue God-light and angel-choir) echoes, reverberates, and grows to a deep GONG in my soul. In an instant, the plain becomes profound.

That’s what happened today when I read this proverb on my son-in-law’s Facebook page.

Historically, I’ve preferred to be a loner, both professionally and academically. Why? I didn’t want to be “slowed down’ in my pursuits. I like speed! A friend used to joke, “Cherie is a hummingbird – she never stops moving. Occasionally she hovers in place long enough to drink her weight in nectar, then she’s OFF again.”

The problem is, decades of non-stop flight takes a toll. I’m TIRED. But I still have goals, dreams – I have many roads I wish to travel before the end. What’s the solution? GO TOGETHER. We’ll all get there if we walk arm-in-arm.

My resolve for the new year:  to hold hands with those around me (join us!) and skip through life’s adventures.  Happy New Year!


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