Focus 2013


It’s time! My Focus list for 2013:

  1. In love, I speak out for peace and justice in my community and in the world.
  2. I am dedicated to my artistic vision. I regularly offer written work and photographic art to the public.
  3. I enjoy close, loving relationships with my children, my friends and my husband.
  4. I lavishly care for my physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  5. I speak a foreign language.
  6. I explore, near and far.
  7. I attract abundance. I am debt-free, wise-spending, and generous.

Every year, I complete a focus list, so I know where to place most of my time and energy. See the FOCUS page for details about creating your own focus list.

1 thought on “Focus 2013”

  1. I feel your love and your heart all around this list, my friend. My 2013 prayer for you is that each and every one of your heart desires is honored and comes to complete fruition. May all that you are and all that you accomplish in 2013 glorify God and leave your beauty mark amongst all who are lucky enough to touch your life this year.

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