Ariyawen, a meditative GATHERING!

flower in the sun“Ariyawen, a Meditative Gathering” is finally gathering!

As we celebrated the life of MLK at church yesterday, I was convicted by his call to action, by his message of active justice and active peace.

I began Ariyawen with a vision of bringing people of diverse spiritual perspectives together, to celebrate what joins us rather than debate about what divides us. It was intended to be
an online presence, yes, but more than that, I envisioned it as a physical gathering of people – a safe environment where we could be authentic, where we could share our struggles, our triumphs, and together work toward lasting joy.

Come. Gather with me to share, to meditate, to laugh and to talk and to hope. My doors are open the second Sunday of every month, beginning at 3 pm. If you would like to join us, please email me at, so I may have adequate refreshments. See you soon!

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