No Longer Silent

I used to keep quiet when others proclaimed religious and political perspectives with which I vehemently disagreed. It seemed impolite to challenge them by offering a different perspective. After all, everyone has the right to their opinion. Then one day, one of these people made the comment, “We just have to keep shouting until we get our way.”

And I realized that my silence does not serve me or the world. If I keep quiet, then only the strident extremists are heard.

I have worked, from that day forward, to be heard above the cacophony as a voice of love, a voice of compassion, a voice that would rather err dramatically on the side of mercy than to fall one step to the side of injustice.

1 thought on “No Longer Silent”

  1. I agree 1000%. This past political season challenged me in just this way. I finally realized the only voices being heard were the ones speaking and they were not speaking for me or my ethic. I lost a few friends and am sad about that but more sad they have such narrow views of the world around them. I have conviction now that extremists, Zionists and radicals cannot dominate and dictate the conversation and I must contribute responsibly….nice post

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