Adult Stuff


I have a dear friend whose teeth, car and home all needed attention at the exact same time. It was STRESSFUL and expensive. He commented, “I hate adult stuff. I’m done with it for now.”

His comment disquieted me, but it took a bit of inner reflection to figure out why. I finally realized it’s because I don’t think of those as ‘adult’ things. What they are is maintenance – unavoidable activities and expenses that result from possessing bodies and things. Honestly, that’s partly why I’ve been drastically reducing my collection of worldly goods. Less maintenance!

True maturation gives us wings, not anchors. Real adult stuff is about daring to dream. About creating pathways for our dreams. About bravely placing our feet, one after another, on those paths. With all due respect – and much love – to my friend, THAT’S adult stuff.

The rest is just maintenance.

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