Give Generously or Not At All


“Never cosign for a loan unless you are willing to assume the debt. Never loan money unless you are willing to forgive the debt. Never let money be more important than relationship, or you will probably end up losing both.”

This was my response when I was asked for advice recently.

I first learned this lesson in my twenties, when my husband and I foolishly cosigned a loan for acquaintances, who then (of course) defaulted and disappeared.

Since then, I’ve given money without expecting to be repaid. That means I’m never disappointed, and I’m often delightfully surprised when it returns! I’ve also turned down requests for assistance, because I know my boundaries and I take responsibility for them.

When it comes to money, possessions, time, and to our physical, emotional and spiritual selves:

Never give with strings attached – give generously or not at all. 

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